There are so many ways to use our fantastically-sparkly StickerBeans™ that we couldn’t possibly list them all. Whether you’re looking for stickers for kids or you’re a sticker fanatic who’s been collecting stickers since you were a kid, here are some great ways to use StickerBeans™.


phone stickersBedazzle Your Phone

Deck out your phone with StickerBeans™ showcasing your favorite treat—sprinkle donuts, anyone? Or maybe you love cute and cuddly critters—we’ve got those, too! Choose a character or symbol that speaks to you, like our glittering smileyface emoji, or the always-cool rock ’n’ roll lips and tongue logo. Our sparkly phone stickers are the perfect way to personalize your phone with pizazz.

Personalize Your Laptop

Laptops are like luggage—they all kinda look the same, in standard colors like black, white, and gray. Make your laptop stand out from the rest with a single carefully-placed sticker, or create a story in StickerBeans™ with our cool laptop stickers! A row of dancing bears across the front or a string of emojis will be the envy of your friends.

Light Up Your Memories

StickerBeans™ make ideal scrapbook stickers. They’re colorful, sparkly, durable, and oh-so full of character! Enhance your memories and tell stories that glitter—maybe your daughter is crazy about cupcakes, your hubby relishes rock ’n’ roll, or your son is a die-hard basketball fan. StickerBeans™ help bring your stories to life. Not only do our StickerBeans™ have eye-catching color and sparkle, they also have amazing texture that you can see and feel!

notebook stickersSpice Up Arts & Crafts

There are endless possibilities for incorporating StickerBeans™ into your arts and crafts. In fact, “mompreneurs” Dana Ruyon and Kim Spadaccini created StickerBeans™ right at home with arts and crafts as their inspiration! Bedazzle a handmade princess marionette with a rainbow, butterfly, or ladybug sparkle sticker. Deck out a handcrafted cereal box guitar with our rock ’n’ roll sticker. Trick out your kid’s backpack with a variety of colorful, sparkly StickerBeans™, which make strong and durable patches—let your imagination run wild!

Start a StickerBeans™ Collection

Are you the type who treasures collecting things and keeping them in mint condition? If so you’ll love our StickerBeans™ book! Custom-designed with perfectly-sized slots for our 2”x2” sparkly stickers, our sticker book is big enough to accommodate your growing StickerBeans™ collection yet portable enough to take anywhere. You’ll love showing off your sticker collection to your friends, family members, and teachers—everyone!

sticker on water bottleDeck Out Your Car Bumper

What’s better than your standard, one-dimensional bumper stickers? How about rhinestone-encrusted, two-dimensional bumper sticker decals that sparkle in the afternoon sun! Stick them on your bumper, your back windshield, or on your side windows to add some personality to your ride. Just be warned, before you know it your car could be a StickerBeans™ advertisement on wheels (we don’t mind).


What Else Can You Imagine?

How will you use your StickerBeans™? We want to hear from you! Tell us about the fun and creative ways that you have incorporated our unique rhinestone stickers into your life. We can’t wait to hear about them.


“My girls absolutely love StickerBeans™. There are not only numerous creative and fun options to choose from, but the stickers are of amazing quality and easy to use. The website is clear… ”

Tanya Zuckerbrot, CEO


“My daughter Drew lives for StickerBeans™. They are one of her “Must Haves” for camp. Her first request when she got back from camp was all the new versions! I wish StickerBeans™…”

Jennifer Fisher, Founder/Chief Creative Officer

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

“I love StickerBeans™ because they are fun to collect and blingy to brighten up your day. StickerBeans™ aren’t just to collect they can stick to your phone, computer, I-pad and much…”

Anna, age 10

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