Emoji Stickers Are Here!

Emoji Stickers Are Here!

Nov 01 , 2016



Emoji Stickers Are Here!

If you love emojis and you’re nuts about stickers, too, collecting sparkly StickerBeans™ is the perfect hobby for you! (Did you catch our slick rhyming skills?) Emoji Stickers Are Here!

Emojis Come to Life in Sparkly Stickers!

Emojis are those awesome little graphics we love to use in text messages to express our feelings and capture our mood. StickerBeans™ has designed a whole range of emoji-themed stickers that look just like smartphone emoji graphics, but bigger, better, and sparkly!

What Makes StickerBeans™ So Unique?

StickerBeans™ are not your run-of-the-mill, paper-thin stickers—our stickers are pumped up with glittering rhinestones that add amazing sparkle and texture. Each of the 2” x 2” decals bring the emojis you love to life—get flirty with our emoji decal blowing a kiss, celebrate your love for music with our tunes-loving emoji sporting headphones, or brighten up your BFF’s day with our rainbow-colored smiley face.

Emojis, Tasty Treats, Critters, and More!

Not only will you find blinged-out emojis in the StickerBeans™ collection, you’ll also find sticker decals of your favorite treats (did someone say donuts?!), the coolest critters in the animal kingdom, and your favorite symbols and icons—from rock n’ roll-themed decals to StickerBeans™ honoring causes you support. There are dozens of StickerBeans™ to choose from, and new ones are always coming out—there’s a new StickerBeans™ surprise around every corner!

Endless Ways to Use Emoji StickerBeans

How to use our super-cool emoji stickers is limited only by your imagination. Decorate your locker at school, jazz up scrapbooks, personalize your laptop—stick them anywhere and everywhere. Also use StickerBeans™ to decorate:
·         Bike helmets ·         Pencil boxes/pouches
·         Binders ·         Skateboards, scooters, and bikes
·         Diaries ·         Snowboards, ice skates, hockey sticks
·         Doors ·         Stationery
·         Dressers ·         Toys
·         Headboards ·         Walls
·         Tablets/game consoles/smartphones ·         Windows and mirrors
·         Lockers

Collect All the Emoji StickerBeans™ (But Don’t Stop There!)

If you’re a die-hard collector who lives to show off your treasures, our StickerBeans™ book is a must-have. Specially-designed with StickerBeans™-sized slots, you’ll love filling up your book as new StickerBeans™ come out. The collector’s book is big enough to accommodate your growing StickerBeans™ collection, but totally portable—take it anywhere to show off your sticker cache!  

Ready! Stick! Sparkle!


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